Marketing your business in the social media arena enables you to connect with your customers, grow your online revenue or launch into a new market.  You may already have a digital presence, but the digital landscape is changing every day.  MEAN Productions will work with you to ensure that the promotional video captures the essences of your business.  We are passionate about giving time, consideration and imagination to everything we do when immersed in film and media. The MEAN Production Team is committed to providing a high quality service to guarantee your satisfaction.  


Promote your business with this exciting offer of a unique tailor made promotional video from MEAN Productions. Our marketing package includes an initial consultation and planning meeting to discuss your requirements to capture the real and unscripted essence of your business.


We also offer services around promotions and marketing. This includes a short assessment of your current (if any) promotional/marketing practices you may have in place. Our services range for producing instagram posts, facebook branding and short hype videos. For more information, please contact us.

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Our clients are extremely important to us. We create professional, high quality digital content for each client personally.


We have researched the going rates and have based our pricing accordingly. We provide a high level of packages at competitive pricing.