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Short Films

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Embrace ME



A young women is tasked to tap into her childhood trauma. When she is faced by her younger self, will she be able to embrace the pain of the past or will she continue to run away from it?

Film Festival Official Selections:

MHSA Film Festival 2023

Mental Filmness 2023

On The Couch With My Depression



While struggling with her mental health, this girl finds all her plans flying out the window when her depression hits and she can’t find the will to get off her couch.


Hollywood Dreams 4th/5th Annual International Film Festival and Writers' Competition 2020/2021

The People's Film Festival July 2021

Semi Finalist:

The People's Film Festival May 2021

Official Selected:

Blackbird Film Festival 2022

Arizona International Film Festival 2022

Renaissance Film Festival Amsterdam 2022

The People's Film Festival 2022

BENDFILM Festival 2021

Full House Festival: Words on Film 2021

Mental Filmness 2021

Filmbath Festival 2021

Cadence Video Poetry Festival 2021

Festival du film Au Contraire 2021

MHSA Film Festival 2021

9th International Video Poetry Festival Athens 2021

Ó Bhéal Poetry-Film Competition 2020

ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival 2020

Canberra Mental Health Film Festival 2020




Jada struggles with anxiety. She suffers from panic attacks regularly. Her mind is always full with words however none of them ever seem to come out her mouth.

This film depicts the difference between the outward perception in conjunction to the inner conflict and how it can skewer our vision.


Film Festival Official Selections:

Canberra Mental Health Film Festival 2020

It is Me


"It is Me" is produced by MEAN Productions and directed by Angharad Gladding. It looks at the struggles of mental health, in particular, anxiety. This artistic documentary is told from multiple perspectives from those who struggle with anxiety or those who have witnessed it. It is based around three illustrations which were also created by the director earlier this year. Each illustrator gives a different point of view from those who struggle with anxiety.

Film Festival Official Selections:

Conquering Disabilities With Film International Film Festival 2021

Hot Springs International Woman's Film Festival 2020

Conquering Disabilities With Film International Film Festival 2020

Courage Film Festival 2020

MHSA Film Festival 2020

Canberra Mental Health Film Festival 2019


This is Cludo. He's adopted and this is his story.

Film Festival Official Selections:

Canine Film Festival 2020

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