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"Such a fabulous talented team. Pleasure to work with, they know their stuff and can go with the flow. This is the second time I have been filmed by them and would highly recommend them as a professional crew.

Amalia Calder

29 April 2021

"Meg and Hari are an absolute joy to work with. They hold their work to a high standard, producing gorgeous videos and photos. And they're so easy to get along with! They did promotional vids and pics for a stage production I was involved with. Joining us for several rehearsals and shows, they fit right into the team and put everyone at ease. Highly recommend!

Q Walker

23 March 2021

"MEAN Productions Ltd were the dream team. Hari and the team filmed our wedding video - Amazing is an understatement. The video reflects us so well and captures the happiness, love and fun we had during our day. They were so reliable and made us feel comfortable straight away. Hari went above and beyond to make our video represent us to a T - and it sure did. I couldn't recommend them enough.


Thank you for an incredible video we will cherish forever."

Phoebe Woods

26 Jan 2021

"Mean were INCREDIBLE to work with - professional, hardworking, but also very approachable and kind. They brought a great energy to our project.


Aimée Sullivan

23 March 2021

"Top tier content, top tier humans, super collaborative and supportive, bloody joy to work with."

El Yule

15 March 2021

"MEAN have brought so much energy and professionalism to their work on our Fringe show. Their videography is slick and their photography has been so magical. Having their positivity and skill in the rehearsal room was such a treat "

Charlie Potter

15 March 2021

"MEAN Productions produced epic instructional and promotional videos & animations for our business. Hari and Megan are wonderful to work with- they brought fresh ideas & a professional approach and we've signed up to get more content!"


Sweet Axe Throwing Co.

4 July 2020

"10/10 INCREDIBLE HIGH - QUALITY CONTENT, A true delight to work will."


Toi Ngakau Productions

26 May 2019

"I have worked with Mean Productions on BTS and Trailer videos for two creative projects (through Toi Ngakau Productions), and have been blown away by both their work and work ethic. They have an incredible way of working with actors/interviewees to make people feel instantly at ease. Their approach is a perfect combination of professionalism and fun. Mean Productions' film and videography is beyond stunning. And their dedication, enthusiasm, positivity and constructiveness, makes them a pleasure to work with."


Toi Ngakau Productions

26 May 2019

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